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Wassil is a new and innovative mobile advertising platform which allows business owners to reach their potential customers very effectively by targeting those who have expressed explicitly that they are looking for and willing to pay for their category of products and services.

On the other hand, Wassil is a friendly and handy tool for anybody to have a say on what type of ads he/she wants to receive by simply selecting the categories of interest to him/her at any time and modifying them whenever he/she likes.

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Is Wassil For Me

For Any User:

● Wassil is an easy and free tool to learn about recent offers and announcements related to products and services of interest to you

● Wassil is an innovative way to stay in touch with your passion, whether it is fashion, food, furniture or anything else you can imagine!

● Wassil is a creative method to anonymously inform the market of your need of certain types of products or services in near real-time


Discover the value you get from Wassil as an ordinary user by watching this short video.


For Business Owners:

● Wassil is a one-stop-shop for all your advertising needs

● Wassil is a full “operations room” in your palm: you learn about market needs before you advertise, you set your ad preferences, you send your ad, and then you learn about the efficiency of your campaign!

● Wassil is affordable, far-reaching, and astonishingly precise in targeting your audience!


Discover the value you get from Wassil as a business owner by watching this short video.


Learn more by reading Wassil Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for Advertisers.