Announcement: Business Owners, Be Among the First to Register and Win One Year of Free Advertising with Wassil!

Wassil App
Your Channel for Well Informed Advertising

Wassil is a new and innovative mobile advertising platform which allows business owners to reach their potential customers very effectively by targeting those who have expressed explicitly that they are looking for and willing to pay for their category of products and services.

On the other hand, Wassil is a friendly and handy tool for anybody to have a say on what type of ads he/she wants to receive by simply selecting the categories of interest to him/her at any time and modifying them whenever he/she likes.

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iOS and Android Versions are Available Now!

Register Your Business

Wassil has started and will never stop!


As a thank you for its early adopters, Wassil will be offering one year of free subscription for the first 50 businesses who register and advertise to its growing audience!


To register your business, please follow the below easy steps:

1. Download Wassil app and make a username and password

2. Register your business, get credits, and send ads either through the website of Wassil by clicking this link, or using the mobile app by following the below steps.

3. Go to the upper right part of the screen and click the 3 vertical dots

4. Click “Register Your Business” and fill the required fields and submit information

5. Check your “Business Email” you entered in the previous step and click the sent link to verify the email. Once your email is verified you can go to the next step

6. Click “Get Credits” and select the preferred type of subscription for you. For now, select the longest one: Annual (50 pts) and click the button

7. At this point, your subscription request will be pending approval of Wassil Team who will

work to verify your business first. To make things easier and faster, make sure to provide

the website and professional email address and landline number so that the verification

process runs smoothly

8. Once verification occurs, you will be granted the requested credits and notified by email


Now you can start sending ads to Wassil audience!



  •  You can send 3 ads every 30 days. The screen of “My Business Indicators” will inform

you of the remaining ads and the corresponding end of each 30 days.

  •  Currently Wassil can be used by businesses who belong to any of the below 10

categories (more to come). Click here for detailed description of each category.

o Food & Beverage

o Training & Educational Services

o Occasions & Parties

o Hotels & Touristic Services

o Home Appliances & Electronics

o Books & Stationery

o Home & Office Furniture

o Fashion & Apparel

o Jewellery & Gifts

o Personal Care & Makeup